“Education is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”
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Mundus Education is a confident step towards a successful life with an individual and flexible approach to each client.
  • Our goal is to help students get a quality education, improve their English language level and qualifications.

  • We accompany and support each student from the selection of an educational institution to obtaining a diploma.
  • Mundus Education works directly with TOP world educational institutions at official prices.
  • Our specialists have over 10 years of experience in the field of education and provide students with a wide range of educational institutions.
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Personal support for admission to schools, universities, language camps all over the world.

Selection and enrolment to top educational establishments, high quality hand-picked tutors and online courses. Additional supervision and assistance for students, visa application support.

Short courses and language camps

Language programs are not only pleasant vacations, but also an active pastime, because this is an excellent practice of the English language, an opportunity to get to know and make friends from around the world.

Students can choose programs of interest to determine their future profession, as well as study additional academic subjects, play sports or prepare for entrance exams.

We will select an individual program for you or your child based on age and preferences.

Secondary education

Education in the foreing countries is considered the most prestigious, because it consists of a classical foundation and innovation.

Private schools shape the personality of your child, give valuable knowledge, and most importantly - teach to think.

Already from high school, students are actively developing skills that will help them become successful in the future.

We take into account the interests of each student in order to select the most suitable school.

Higher education

Students who graduate from universities in the forei̇ng countries come out as qualified specialists and their diplomas are accepted all over the world.

Educational institutions provide all conditions for high-quality study of subjects, which allows students to focus on the practical application of skills.

The number of applicants wishing to enter British universities is increasing every year, so if you want to get a classical academic education, we will definitely help.

Online courses

Online courses allow you to effectively learn English and prepare for admission from Azerbaijan.

What do we offer:

- Academic preparation in secondary schools and universities

- Studying academic subjects

- Exam preparation

- English language learning

- Individual / group lessons

- Drawing up an individual training schedule


Preparation is the basis for admission abroad, so that the student successfully passes the interview and passes the exams.

Our tutors are not only mentors, but also friends. They know all the ins and outs of education in the UK and help students discover their strengths.

For maximum efficiency, we will individually select a tutor so that you or your child feel comfortable and confident during the training.

Visa support

Mundus Education oversees the entire process, from consultation to student return after training.

We help with the preparation of all documents for enrollment, provide visa support and additional services (air tickets, medical insurance, accommodation, etc.)

Admission Process
  • Consultation with a specialist

  • Knowledge level testing and vocational guidance
  • Preparing a personal education plan
  • Visa support and preparation of documents for admission
  • Enrolment
  • Assistance during the entire period of study
Benefits of Working With Us
  • Possibility of a personal meeting
  • We regularly inspect educational institutions and visit students
  • A wide range of services and VIP approach to each client
Benefits of Education Abroad
Formation of thinking and personality
Concentration on the comprehensive development of the personality of each student
British diplomas and certificates are accepted all over the world
New opportunities from meeting new people
Quality of educational institutions
Professional teachers, modern teaching methods and up to date research equipment
Formation of personal point of view and leadership qualities
Focus on practice
The study is aimed at the practical mastery of the material
“Be educated so that you can change the world.”

Working hours
10:00 am - 19:00 pm
emergency 24/7 +994 10 460 77 80
37 Khojaly ave. Demirchi Tower
20th floor Baku Azerbaijan